Piano & Orchestra


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Piano Concerto in D minor KV 466

Ludwig van Beethoven – V Piano Concerto in E flat major op.73

Fryderyk Chopin – I Piano Concerto in E minor op.11

Rondo a la Krakowiak in F major op.14

II Piano Concerto in F minor op.21

        Andante spianato and Polonaise brillante op.22

Franz Liszt – I Piano Concerto in E flat major S.124

Edvard Grieg – Piano Concerto in A minor op.16

Peter Tchaikovsky – I Piano Concerto in B flat minor op.23

Sergey Rachmaninoff – II Piano Concerto in C minor op. 18

Bela Bartok – III Piano Concerto Sz.119

Arvo Pärt – ‘Lamentate’ for piano and orchestra (2002, 35’)

Wojciech Kilar – I Piano Concerto (1997)

II Piano Concerto (2011)

Roman Czura – Piano Concerto op.11 ‘Kraftfelder’ (2012)*

*World Premiere by Marcin Koziak and The Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra,
cond. Jose Maria Florencio


Piano solo


Johann Sebastian Bach – Prelude and fugue in C major (1st book DWK)

Prelude and fugue in C minor (1st book DWK)

Prelude and fugue in C sharp minor (1st book DWK)

Prelude and fugue in G minor (1st book DWK)

Prelude and fugue in E flat minor (1st book DWK)

Prelude and fugue in E major (1st book DWK)

Duo in E minor

Domenico Scarlatti – Sonata in D minor ‘Toccata’ K.141

Sonata in G major

Sonata in B minor

Sonata in D major K.492

Francois Couperin – „Les Lis naissans” and „Les Rozeaux” from „XIII Ordre Pieces de Clavecin”

Joseph Haydn – Sonata in B minor Hob. XVI/32

Sonata in C minor Hob.XVI/20

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Sonata in D major KV 576

Ludwig van Beethoven – Sonata in C minor op.13 ‘Patetique’

Sonata in C major op.53 ‘Waldstein’

Sonata in E flat major op.81a ‘Les Adieux’

Fryderyk Chopin – Scherzo in B minor op.20

Scherzo in B flat minor op.31

Scherzo in E major op.54

Ballade in F minor op.52

Fantasy in F minor op.49

Polonaise in C sharp minor op.26 no 1

Polonaise in A Flat major op.53

Polonaise-Fantasy op.61

Sonata in B minor op.58

Mazurkas op.6 nos 1-3

Mazurkas op.33

Mazurkas op.59

Nocturne in C minor op.48 no 1

Berceuse op. 57

3 Nocturnes op.15

Waltz in A flat major op.34 no 1

Waltz in A flat major op.64 no 3

Etudes 10/7, 10/8, 10/12, 25/2, 25/3, 25/5, 25/11, 25/12

Fryderyk Chopin – Franz Liszt – 3 songs from‘Six Polish Songs’ S.480:

Życzenie (Maiden Wish),

Wiosna (Spring)

Hulanka (Merrymaking)

Franz Liszt – I Mephisto Waltz S.514

Fantasie on 2 themes from ‘Le Nozze di Figaro’ by W.A.Mozart S.697

X Hungarian Rhapsody

‘Ave Maria’ (‘Bells of Rome’) S.182

‘Stabat Mater’ S.579/3

‘Harmonies du soir’ from ‘12 Transcendental Etudes’ S.139

Etude in A minor on Paganini theme

Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy – Variations serieuses in D minor op.54

Robert Schumann – Kinderszenen op.15

Johannes Brahms – I Sonata in C major op.1

Alexander Borodin – „In the monastery” op.1 no.1

Peter Tchaikovsky – Romance in F minor op. 5

Nocturne and Humoresque op. 10

Sergey Rachmaninoff – II Sonata B flat minor op.36 (2nd version)

Etude in E flat minor op.33 no.5, Etude in F sharp minor op.39 no.3, Etude in E flat minor op.39 no.5

        Prelude in C sharp minor op.3 no.2

Ignacy Jan Paderewski – Nocturne in B flat major op.16 no 4

Isaac Albeniz – ‘Sevilla. Corpus Christi’ from ‘Iberia’

Sergey Prokofiev – Old Granny Tales op. 31

Claude Debussy – ‘Preludes’ (1st book, complete)

Karol Szymanowski – Variations in B flat minor op. 3

Mazurkas op.50 nos 1-4

Maurice Ravel – ‘Alborada del grazioso’ and ‘Oiseaux tristes’ from ‘Miroirs’

Alexander Scriabin – Prelude and Nocturne for left hand op.9

2 Poems op.69

Bela Bartok – Piano Sonata (1926)

Christopher Teophanidis – ‘Birichino’ (2013)

Ella Milch-Sheriff – ‘Reflections of Love’ (2013)


Chamber music

Violin and Piano


George Friedrich Händel – IV Sonata for violin and piano

Heinrich Biber – I “Rosary” Sonata

Arcangelo Corelli – Sonata op.5 no. 12 ‘La Follia’

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Sonata for violin and piano in E flat major KV 380

Sonata for violin and piano in B flat major KV 454

Jozef Elsner – Sonata for violin and piano in F major op.10 no. 1

Ludwig van Beethoven – Sonata for piano and violin in A major op.47 ‘Kreutzer’

  Sonata for piano and violin in C minor op.30 no 2

          Sonata for piano and violin in F major op. 24 „Spring”

Sonata for piano and violin in G major op.96

Richard Strauss – Sonata in E flat major for violin and piano op.18

Edward Elgar – Salut d’amour op.12 for violin and piano

Henryk Wieniawski – Polonaise in D major op.4 for violin and piano

‘Legende’ op.17 for violin and piano

        Scherzo – Tarantelle op. 16 for violin and piano

Chanson polonaise op. 12 nr 2 for violin and piano

‘Obertas’ op.19 nr 1 for violin and piano

Polonaise in A major op.21

Wladyslaw Zelenski – Lullaby op.32 for violin and piano

Roman Statkowski – ‘Alla Cracovienne’ in D major op.7 for violin and piano

Alexander Zarzycki – Romance in E major op.16 for violin and piano

Mazurka in G major op.26 for violin and piano

Maurice Moszkowski – ‘Caprice’ op. 82 no. 2 for violin and piano

Humoresque op.82 no. 4 for violin and piano

Ignacy Jan Paderewski – Sonata for violin and piano in A minor op.13

Franz Liszt – Grand Duo Concertante ‘Le Marin’ for violin and piano

Pablo de Sarasate – Introduction and Tarantelle op.43 for violin and piano

Fantasy on themes from ‘Carmen’ op. 25 for violin and piano

Fritz Kreisler – ‘Love’s sorrow’ for violin and piano

„Beautiful rosemary” for violin and piano

Gaetano Pugnani – Fritz Kreisler – „Preludium and Allegro” for violin and piano

Leopold Godovsky – ‘Viennese’ from ’12 Impressions’ for violin and piano

Georgy Catoire – Elegie for violin and piano op.26

Jules Massenet – „Meditation” from „Thais” for violin and piano

Mykola Lysenko – II Rhapsody on ukrainian themes op.18 “Dumka-Shumka”

Claude Debussy – Sonata for violin and piano L.140

Maurice Ravel – Sonata for violin and piano

Sergey Prokofiev – Sonata in F minor for violin and piano op.80

Roman Palester – Polish Dance from „The Song of the Earth” ballet

Aleksander Tansman – I Sonatina for violin and piano

Karol Szymanowski – ‘Mythes’ op.30 for violin and piano

‘Song from Kurpie’ for violin and piano (transcr. Pawel Kochanski)

         ‘Lecioly zorazie’ for violin and piano (transcr. Aleksandra Kuls)

‘Roxana’s song’ from ‘King Roger’ opera, transc. for violin and piano

‘Dance’ from ‘Harnasie’ ballet, transc. for violin and piano

Grazyna Bacewicz – IV Sonata for violin and piano

Partita for violin and piano

‘Witraz’ for violin and piano

II Oberek for violin and piano

Witold Lutoslawski – ‘Subito’ for violin and piano

Milosz Magin – ‘Danses Polonaises’ for violin and piano

Charles Ives – IV Sonata for violin and piano


Two violins and piano

Darius Milhaud – Sonata for two violins and piano op. 15

Mauritz Moszkowski – Suite for two violins and piano op.71

Paul Juon – “Silhouettes” op.9

Roman Palester – Sonata for two violins and piano


Two pianos / four hands


Igor Stravinsky – ‘The Rite of Spring’ (version for two pianos)

Sergey Rachmaninoff – I Suite for two pianos op.5

Witold Lutosławski – ‘Variations on theme Paganini’ for two pianos

Maurice Ravel – ‘La Valse’ (version for two pianos)

                    ‘Ma mere l’Oye’ (version for four hands)

Claude Debussy – ‘Petite Suite’ (version for four hands)


Cello and piano


Johaness Brahms – Sonata for piano and cello in E minor op.38

Robert Schumann – ‘Fantasiestücke’ for cello and piano op.73

Claude Debussy – Scherzo for cello and piano L.39

Sonata for cello and piano L.144

Karol Szymanowski – ‘Dance’ from ‘Harnasie’ ballet, (transc. for cello and piano – Bartosz Koziak)


Clarinet and piano


Carl Reinecke – Sonata for flute and piano in E minor op.167 ‘Undine’ (version for clarinet and piano)

Joseph Horovitz – Sonatina for clarinet and piano

Claude Debussy – ‘Premiere Rhapsody’

Louis Cahuzac – ‘Cantilene’

                     ‘Pastorale Cevenole’

Chosen pieces for clarinet and piano by Rossini, Guastavino, Messager….


Piano Trio

Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
– II Piano Trio in C minor op.66

Claude Debussy – Piano Trio in G major L.3

Maurice Ravel – Piano Trio



Johaness Brahms – Piano Quintet in F minor op.34

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Quintet for woodwinds and piano in E flat major KV 452

George Gershwin – ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ (version for piano and band)

Chosen songs by Chopin, Schubert, Karłowicz, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Szymanowski